Dysect London

Dysect London was founded by Graphic Designer Ijeoma Uzoukwu. Dysect London specialises in Branding, Advertising and Personal Artwork.

The Design

Ijeoma wanted a minimalistic website which used artwork and words to bring pages to life, while allowing visitors to navigate around the website easily. Using Photoshop and Illustrator I drafted 2 designs for the home page which I felt matched the requirements of the websites design. After a design was selected and a few tweaks were made, I started to design the portfolio, blog and contact pages.

The Code

Once Ijeoma was happy with the overall design of the website; I started to customize a pre-existing WordPress theme to suit Dysect’s functionality. Using CSS, jQuery and a few WordPress hooks to structure the page in the right way. When the page structure was built; I started working on the websites visual feel, using a lightbox gallery to showcase the artwork and the google font Monsterratt to make the words standout on the page. Finally using the Tumblr WordPress plugin and API to get and import Dysect London’s tumblr images to create a visual blog page.

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